MDIT staff are connected with a community of local and international experts within their research field. They are actively engaged in government funded and industry partnered research projects that feed into the teaching of MDIT Design Studios, Electives and Major Project supervision.

Professor Michael Trudgeon

Michael’s research develops strategies to prototype new technology solutions and new patterns of use that manage the risks of change and innovation.

Associate Professor Ross McLeod

Ross’s research extends the boundaries of contemporary interdisciplinary design practice and its relationship to technological, social and environmental issues.

Associate Professor Lawrence Harvey

Lawrence’s research integrates urban soundscape, acoustic design and spatial music composition and performance.

Dr Malte Wagenfeld

Malte’s research investigates the phenomenological qualities of sensual and perceptual atmospheric encounters (sound, light, air, breezes, smells, humidity and temperature).

Dr. Pirjo Haikola 

Pirjo’s research focuses on social-environmental-technological systems aiming to help restore marine ecosystems, contribute to sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities and create awareness of marine issues.

Dr Frank Feltham

Frank’s research explores the relationship between interactive sonic technologies and human movement to create mindful awareness and motivate healthy living.

Dr Jordan Lacey

Jordan’s research investigates environmental design and urban sound installations, for the development of creative cites and improved social wellbeing.

Dr. Ollie Cotsaftis

Ollie’s research is post-disciplinary and speculative, operating at the intersection of the human experience, the built environment and the realm of creative technologies­.

Jeffrey Hannam

Jeff’s research encompasses spatial sound design methods and techniques, focusing on a compositional strategy for spatialising sound over multichannel sound systems.

Chuan Khoo

Chuan’s research crosses digital media and tangible interaction design, exploring the consequences of computing and the ethereal nature of digital data.

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