In recent years the use of parametric software has led to the advancement in the design and development of architectural form. Parametric computer modelling is used to simulate conditions of temperature, wind and sun angles, and to optimise building form and layout, as well as being used to explore complex geometry and digital fabrication techniques in construction. The studio explored these relationships between environmental conditions, structural form and fabrication techniques, however we brought in another set of parameters, which were human centred, social and related to the client’s and the community’s interaction with public space.

The studio engaged in the design of a linking space between the ANZ Centre building and the new ANZ tower in Melbourne’s Docklands. The site between the two buildings represented a complex intersection of urban, architectural, spatial, social and cultural dynamics. To this end the students shaped unique design solutions in relation to the site by developing a vision for the space which could create both a physical, aesthetic and symbolic link between the two buildings.

Ross Mcleod

Mehrnoush Latifi