The studio investigated how to perceptually-map, discern, design and generate dynamic interior microclimates. To make the inside feel like the outside. The students explored the sensory perception and generation of air currents, smell, humidity and moisture, temperature differences, light and acoustic soundscapes. Using their senses as the key instrument and supported by a live capturing of the relevant quantitative data using the TI ‘SensorTag’.

Working in teams, the students identified a certain aspect of a microclimate around which they formed a project. These included the generation of shadow play and dappled radiant sun in a subtropical rainforest, the simulation of the experience of walking over different ground textures, materials and temperatures near and around a lake setting, the interaction between the sun and clouds and the unique soundscape of gardens and how this impacts on our perception of microclimates.

Malte Wagenfeld

Mehrnoush Latifi